Sora's Redoubt

Sora’s Redoubt was built a long time ago, originally as a border fort. With the fall of the great empires, and the rise of untamed and evil forces in the region, it was turned into a safe haven for refugees from destroyed towns and cities.

As the population grew, the city had to grow with it. Without the materials or the time to expand outwards, the original occupants did the only thing they could, and expanded upwards. With the help of skilled craftsmen and talented mages, the fortress became a four storey city.

As the steady stream of refugees became more of a trickle, the supply of foodstuffs, and building materials started to dry up too, and so the city had to become self sufficient. With yet more judicious use of magic, the bottom level was turned into farmland, with light and weather conditions fabricated through mystical means. Also on this bottom level is an inn, The Wailing Monarch, and the entrance to the city’s mines, which are mined for iron ore, and quarried for stone.

The next floor up is now a firmly established residential area. There are 2 inns on this level; The Slaughtered Goblin, in the city’s poor district, and The Dripping Jewels, on the more affluent side of town. There is also a police headquarters on this level, based between the two inns, in the exact centre of the residential level; the spoke of the wheel, if you will.

Above that is the mercantile level, so named for the dozens of shops that ring its edges, although the main feature that strikes newcomers is the massive temple in the centre of the level. The temple is so big that it pierces the “ceiling” of this level, making the level above more like a ring than a full level. The temple has a star-like design to it, with several spokes radiating from a central hub, and a chapel to a different god in each spoke. Barakas’ shop is on this level.

The final, ring-like, level contains the government of Sora’s Redoubt. Not much is known about what goes on here, except by those who work there.

Sora's Redoubt

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