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Arin Grenstrom – Goliath Warden sent out into the world to save it from unknown terrors
Brother Grimm – The mysterious death cultist.
Cal Thornblade – The adventure seeking boy with a tragic past
Thorgrim Silverpeak – Fugitive from the Tower of Sorcery.


Barakas – The Tiefling Merchant, the only one willing to travel between Restharven and Sora’s Redoubt
Akmenos – The Chief of Police in Sora’s Redoubt
Eldeth – Landlady of the Drake’s Demise in Restharven
Mistress Harcombe – Innkeeper at the Black Sheep in Restharven
Jurgen Bloodaxe – Regular at the Drake’s Demise


Sora’s Redoubt – Fortress City in the hills
Restharven – Quiet fishing village, far away from all the turmoil
Haven – The Fallen or Haunted town


Grimm’s Reapers – Cult of the Raven Queen

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