Thorgrim Silverpeak

Finely dressed corpulent Dwarf Mage


A fat ostentatiously dressed Dwarf Mage in his early 30s, Thorgrim is of average height. He has dark brown hair and beard which he braids in the usual dwarven fashion. His eyes are green. Typically he wears bright blue robes with silver and gold sigils emblazoned across them and carries an impressive looking staff.

Thorgrim is a lazy dwarf and has a number of rituals and items designed to make life easier. He has been known to travel by riding on Tenser’s Floating Disc. That ritual is certainly how he transports his possessions which are kept in an ornate chest.

  • Str 8
  • Con 16
  • Dex 10
  • Int 18
  • Wis 16
  • Cha 10

Magic Missile, Thunderwave, Chill Strike, Ice Rays, Sleep, Freezing Cloud, Fireball, Web, Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Dimension Door & Dispel Magic.

Comprehend Languages, Tenser’s Floating Disc, Create Campsite, Fastidiousness, Eye of Alarm, Arcane Lock, Knock, Enchant Magic Item, Magic Circle.

Defensive Staff +2, Everlasting Provisions, Magic Robes +2


Thorgrim is from across the ocean and does indeed come from a tower sorcery, in search of new magics and knowledge as he claims. However things are never as simple as they seem. Dwarfs are not normally known for the magical prowess. Yes they often make powerful magical armaments at their forges, but Wizards are rare amongst that race. Thorgrim’s homeland is no exception.

Thorgrim’s father was a forge priest of Moradin, so he grew up around magic. Unfortunately he was never really one for physical hardship and manual labour. He studied the lore of his people and in particular the theory behind forging magical items, but never showed any interest in the priesthood.

As he approached adulthood he declared his desire to become a great Mage, much to his families embarrassment. Not to be swayed he journeyed to the Saganami Tower of Sorcery. His family expected to see him return quickly with his mad idea quashed.

When he got to the Tower and declared his intention to become an apprentice he was laughed at. For a week he sat outside the Tower waiting to be taken seriously. To stop the place looking untidy more than anything, he was admitted to appeal to the Council of High Mages. They did everything they could to put him off but he remained adamant he would study to be a Mage there. Eventually they gave in and agreed, that if he served as a servant for a year and a day he could become an apprentice.

During that time they made his life miserable, he was required to do the most menial, demeaning labour. Despite his hatred of this work he put up with everything thrown at him like only a Dwarf can. Eventually they were forced to concede and allow him to become an apprentice.

He was given to an ambitious Mage named Hofschultze, who had never really amounted to much, to train. Thorgrim excelled, despite the fact his Master did very little to help him. In fact once he realised Thorgrim was more than capable of easily exceeding his hard earned powers in a relatively short time, Hofschultze did everything in his power to thwart Thorgrim.

After 7 long hard years as an apprentice Thorgrim was basically at the level Hofschultze had reached after 25 years of study. But he was never allowed to graduate from apprentice. Realising that he was being blocked at every turn and he would never get any further at the Tower he decided to leave to pursue his studies elsewhere.

Unfortunately he hadn’t counted on the fact that an Apprentice is bound to his Master until such time as the Master says he is ready to go on his own. Thorgrim realised he was trapped and would spend the rest of his life fetching and carrying for an incompetent if the High Mages and Tower had their way. Despite his skills they still considered a Dwarf Wizard to be an embarrassment.

Realizing he had no choice Thorgrim began preparing to escape. He decided seeing as they had done nothing to help him willingly and he had had to take his teaching into his own hands, the Tower of High Sorcery owed him. So on the night he escaped he stole a Ritual book (he’d never been allowed one of his own), 8 Ritual Scrolls to later scribe into the empty book, and several magical items to help him in his journey. Knowing he’d be pursued Thorgrim settled on taking a ship across the ocean to new lands beyond the Tower’s reach. He had come across sketchy writings about a town built and maintained almost entirely using magic. Thorgrim decided this was a good place to start, so he set off for “Sora’s Redoubt”.

Thorgrim Silverpeak

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