Brother Grimm


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Standing at an imposing 6’ 10”, Brother Grimm is tall even for a dragonborn. Despite this, he is leaner than one might expect – at least, as far as one can tell with those robes in the way. Grimm’s robes cover most of his body; the hem dragging slightly on the floor and a deep hood covering his face from view. The robes come in two colours; snowy white, for when there is none of the Raven Queen’s business to attend to, and deepest black, for the times when Brother Grimm must get his hands dirty in his deity’s name. All most people ever see of him are the lean, bony white talons emerging from the voluminous sleeves of his robes. The scales on his hands are not the snowy white of his robes however, but the sickly, translucent shade of an albino. Brother Grimm is polite and calm in manner, despite the often open hostility and fear that he faces when in public. Though his voice is quiet, his presence means that he rarely has to raise his voice to be heard.

As one of the brothers of his order who has not taken a vow of silence, Grimm is often sent to the town near his monastery in order to obtain supplies and broker deals between the order and the local farmers; the order often helps local wheat and barley farmers at harvest time in return for a share of the crops and some livestock. Though the locals are not aware of it, the order also keeps a watchful eye on the lands surrounding the town, often dealing with minor undead (and occasionally other) threats quietly and efficiently. Brother Grimm has been being trained all his life for just such work, and there are those of his order who believe that his talents would be better shared with the world at large than restrained to the area surrounding his monastery.

Brother Grimm remembers little of his childhood before being brought to the monastery. He sometimes dreams of a kindly dragonborn woman, who cradles him by a fire in what appears to be a cave. The woman’s scales are a warm rusty hue and the feel of her arms comforts him as an artic wind howls at the cave’s entrance. Grimm has never shared these dreams with anyone, not even the most revered elders of his order. The only remnant of his past that Brother Grimm has is his holy symbol; a raven’s head fashioned from a piece of his egg shell and set in silver.

Brother Grimm

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