The Quest for Haven

The Story So Far...

according to the DM

Our story started in the quiet fishing village of Restharven, where Brother Grimm was sent by the elders of his order to investigate the disappearance of one of the order. His investigations lead him to the Drake’s Demise, which he discovered was closed due to infestation. Once he and a young men he had encountered, Cal Thornblade, managed to convince the landlady, Eldeth, they discovered that the missing Brother had been in love with Eldeth and had gone down into the cellar the night before to deal with the infestation and had not returned. Brother Grimm and Cal ventured into the cellar and soon discovered the corpse of the missing Brother, being eaten by rats. After being attacked by and killing several groups of rats, the two were faced with wererats who were discovered, once killed, to be carrying curious symbols of the Sora’s Redoubt coat of arms with a strike through it.

On their return to the town, Cal and Brother Grimm witnessed the merchant Barakas arriving, battered, bruised and guardless. After questioning him, and after Brother Grimm was given a task by his order, they signed on with him to guard him on his return to the fortress city.

After a 2 week journey interrupted by concerted attacks from bandits, the three arrived in Sora’s Redoubt, where several problems were plaguing the inhabitants.

The mines had suffered several cave ins and were now infested by monsters, the crops had died in the fields, there was a ‘haunted’ mansion outside town and the residential quarter had been plagued with a severe rash of murders.

The two companions, once they had left Barakas at his shop, set out to help with these problems. They first headed down to the lower level and dealt with the monsters in the mine, helping the dwarven miners to restore the tunnels to their previous state.

Next they discovered that the fields had failed because they were being poisoned. Through judicious use of fear, they persuaded the poisoner to tell them why he was doing it and shortly set off to free his family from their kidnappers. Despite a brief confusion when the leader of the kidnappers, who was a doppelganger, disguised herself as the woman she had kidnapped, the kidnap was foiled, and the crops have started growing again.

After this, the pair started investigating the murders. Soon they had discovered that the murders themselves were being committed by seemingly normal people, all of whom had disappeared for a day a fortnight before the murders started. After some more investigation, the base of operation of one of the murderers was discovered and, in the process of investigating that place, the two found that the murderers know nothing of their actions and are being controlled by a cabal of magic users, one of whom they had just killed. Over the course of a few nights, they then followed a trail of notes from one location to the next, eliminating magic users who were controlling the murderers, until the last note they came across lead them back to where they had started. Thinking they had to start looking for the central mastermind in this plot all over again, they returned to the militia headquarters, only to run into some militiamen who had just avoided falling down a hole that had appeared in the street in front of them. Investigating this hole, Cal and Brother Grimm came across a chamber in which were several animated severed hands, a bird made from human skin and a brain in a jar, which was psychically mocking Cal. After a brutal showdown, the two heroes emerged victorious, and the magic binding the murderers dissipated.

Finally, the two headed out of the city to deal with the rumoured ‘haunted’ mansion. Once there, they discovered that the rumours were, for once, accurate and that the tower build next to the mansion was teeming with undead. Working their way through the three floors, they cleared the taint from that place and turned their attention to the mansion, where a tribe of goblins had been living, having moved in before the undead appeared and been afraid to leave since. A short and bloody confrontation with the leader of the group, a nasty hobgoblin, enabled the heroes to clear the goblins out of the once opulent mansion, with the few with the sense to surrender set free into the hills.



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